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"Wizard's Retreat:" 1/4 Scale Model/Miniature
with Complete Interior and Exterior:

Includes "Break-Away" Elements for Shooting Purposes
(Improved Photos/Video Forthcoming Shortly)
Examples of Scale

An Eraser and a Grain of Rice Used to Illustrate Scale
Model Shot

High View

Complete Set-Up

Angled View

The Wrapping Staircase

Angled View
The Terrain

Overhead View of Some of the Landscape and River

River Crossing

Rear View of River Bridge and Man Holding Lantern

Waterfalls and the "Visitor"

View up the River.
River Pool with Fantasy Koi

River Bridge

The Archway and Stairs

View showing the path leading to the "Wizard's Retreat"

The Bookstacks

Angled View into the Dining Room
Globe Room #1

Side of Globe Room showing details such as a scale mortar and pestle.
Globe Room #2

View from Atop the "Globe Room"
Globe Room #3

Front View of Globe Room
Globe Room #4

Front, High Angled View Showing details of the Wizard's Desk

Den, Dining Room, and Entryway Exposed

Rear View

Dining Room, Den, and Kitchen Exposed

Victorian Hummingbird Used to Illustrate Scale


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