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On-Set Dresser:

"The Fall"


(above) - This photo is from "The Fall," an HD feature film (family drama) I worked on as the On-Set Dresser. While on set, I worked with the Director to ensure the art department was achieving what he desired in his film, and that all props and continuity were well in-order. Off-set, I worked with the Production Designer to dress and prep sets, and both create original props and carefully tend to the many other items that required greeking throughout the production. Below are a small selection of select sets and stills showcasing some of my contributions to the production.



(above) - HOTEL INTERIOR. : Before and after photos from the same film.  The above scene takes place around Halloween, and the Dirctor wanted a to make the interior entrance to the hotel feel like an outdoor graveyard. So the art department brought in all manner of dirt, mulch, leaves, bare trees, gravestones, caskets, and spider webbing to make the room feel creepy and isolated. A fog machine and dry ice (not seen here) added to the atmosphere quite nicely. The Director wanted a "Fall" theme throughout, and this is just one example of that imagery and color scheme.



(above) - HOTEL INTERIOR (continued). : Behind the front desk of the "cheap" hotel, a lot was going on in my department. It was a tight area to set-dress, but it was a fun challenge to make the mundane feel "real" and visually interesting. There were multiple monitors to tend to, piles of hand-labelled VHS tapes that became key props, lit cigars, beverages, dry ice, and a variety of Halloween items to keep track of for the scene's many resets.



(above) - CEREMONY INTERIOR : A large set I was responsible for prepping and watching continuity on. At max, there was a total of seven tables, each filled with moving guests, assorted props, food, and beverages.



(above) - INFIRMARY INTERIOR : Another of the many sets I was responsible for dressing (and finding economical items to dress it with!). When this set was live, I was also responsible for making sure the actors were properly (and comfortably) restrained for the scene.  



(above) - PRISON CELL INTERIORS : I helped to dress these unique "fall-themed" sets and was responsible for their various props and many, many resets. During one poignant scene, an inmate trashes his cell (and props) completely, so it was key that I was on-top of continuity at all times. Some continuity items from here included: fake joints, lighters, pens/letters, blood effects, and syringes.



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