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Production Designer:

"Upside Down"


(above) - This photo is from "Upside Down," a 16mm short film (family melodrama) I worked on as the Production Designer.  Everything in the shot was brought in (including the freshly-hemmed sheers).  This film is one that had the main characters eating and drinking and smoking throughout its duration, so in most scenes I was also the acting on-set dresser, carefully watching continuity (our lead actress liked the scrambled eggs I made so much, I kept having to make more for progressive shots).

(above) - Another prop/set piece from the same shoot that was dressed to be the lead's old army trunk. 


(above) - Before and after photos from the same film.  It takes place around the Fourth of July, and the Dirctor wanted a flag made out of flowers (and wanted it to be able to be reset both for a "planting" scene as well as a later scene where the flowers get trampled).  To my recollection, we had our initial location fall through at the last possible minute, so I worked through the morning on the only spot of turf that the homeowner would allow a "flag" to be crafted. 

(above) - For this shoot, I brought in a lot of greenery to make the backyard look more "alive" and also went around affixing faux flowers to shrubbery to make it look more like the time of year the Director desired (every white and red "flower" in this photo is faux).


(above) - Small town grocery: I dressed this set for the Fourth of July (and manufactured props, including packaging for the sparklers).  I thought I had some better before/after shots, but I don't think the person responsible for still photography on set ever got back to me with her stills.



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