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Welcome to DreamSpirit-Studios: the Work of Kimberly LeCrone

Fine Art and Illustration Portfolio

Please be aware that this site is over seven years out of date! If you wish to see a more recent sampling of my work, please peruse my DeviantART gallery, Facebook, and Twitter.

I'm a multimedia artist and storyteller and have worked in the feature film, prime-time television, and video game industries for a number of years in various roles. I graduated with honors from the University of Southern California from the school of Cinema-Television with a degree in "Cinematic Arts: Production," and in my spare time I have continued to keep myself busy with a variety of artistic, written, and audio/visual mediums. Alongside this, however, I still maintain an active interest in the arts, and continue to offer commissioned artwork to both commercial and public clientele.

Below you will find a variety of artwork, native-inspired feather paintings, and other work, offering a small "peek" into my creative breadth and love of both storytelling and visual world building.

If you have specific questions, or if you require additional samples of anything not listed here, please email me at I'm more than happy to discuss potential projects as well as pricing, thank you!




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