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Fine Art and Illustration Limited Portfolio
Below is a small sampling of both some of my refined and "loose" artwork.
Three-Dimensional Work:

"Patrick Bust"



"Wizard's Retreat"

1/4 Scale Miniature with Complete Interior and Exterior:

Two-Dimensional Work:

"Shadows of the Past"

Digital Painting

"Amestris Train Depot"

Digital Painting
"The Demon of Bournesbrooke"
Digital Scene Painting
"Five Minute Portrait"

"Crystal Warrior"

Digital Painting
"The Princess and The Dragon"

Digital Painting
"Dragon Mage"

Ink, Marker, and Digital Multi-Media
"Sashah: The Enchantress"

Miniature Oil Painting
"Zombie Eyes"

Ink and Marker
"Horizon's Sunset"

Digital Sketch
"Unlikely Companions"

Traditional and Digital
"Ethereal Tree"

Oversized Acrylic Painting

"Oberon's Rage"

Digital Speedpainting

(3 Hours)

"Snow Walk"

Digital Sketch

"The Grump"

Non Waterproof Ink and Gouache



Digital Speedpainting



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